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Windshield Decal Backers

Number SizeOverall SizeSale Price
5.5″6.5″ x 13.5″$0.85
7.5″8.5″ x 21.5″$1.50
9.5″10.5″ x 27″$2.10
11.5″13.5″ x 37″$3.50



Make Test Drives Quick & Easy with Removable Windshield Decal Backers!

Beginning 1/1/2018 vehicle dealers in Illinois will be forced to remove all decals from the windshield for the purpose of test drives. These static ling or low tack decal backers give you the perfect place to decal the vehicles windshield while being quick & easy to remove and replace after a test drive.

Installation: In a temperature controlled environment, first, apply number, slogans, or year signs as desired.
Gently peel the backing away from the clings. Use lightly soapy water and coat the back sides of the decals
and the window. Start at the top and work your way down, pressing the clings against the window. Use a
rubber-tipped squeegee to remove excess water and bubbles. Once dry, your cling will adhere to the
window yet be removable and repositionable.

Care: Our clear static clings can be cleaned by using a damp cloth or paper towel, Gently wipe dirt or residue
from them. You can also remove the clings, clean the window and reapply them for increased adhesion.

Decal Backer

11.5" Low Tack, 11.5" Static Cling, 5.5" Low Tack, 5.5" Static Cling, 7.5" Low Tack, 7.5" Static Cling, 9.5" Low Tack, 9.5" Static Cling

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