The Claw Detailers Lamp


$129.95 each


The Claw LED Car Interior Light Bar, is able to hook, hang, or magnetically stick to just about any surface. This light bar is equipped with spring loaded grippers, allowing it to hang across an automotive interior to illuminate the work area while detailing. Additionally, the gripper, magnets or hide-away hooks allows this light bar to be secured to a hood allowing for mechanical work or engine degreasing.

Also, the LED light can be removed from the holder and can be used to illuminate painted surfaces of the vehicle to locate scratches, swirls, and other paint imperfections. This interior car light bar can rotate 360 degrees within the cradle, allowing optimal versatility.


Power: 330 Lumens (on high setting)
Switch: 2 Stage (High/Low)
Bulb: LED
Run Time: Up to 6 Hours
Length: 48″ – 77″
Battery: Rechargeable (DC and AC Charger Included)

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