DIABLO WHEEL CLEANER is a blend of phosphoric and sulfuric acids along with several proprietary surfactants quickly loosen and dissolve tough brake dust, road film and baked on soils from wheels.  When diluted properly, DIABLO WHEEL CLEANER is safe on most aluminum, chrome, wire and painted wheels. Do not use undiluted.  Clear, no color.


  • Fast acting and removes brake dust and road film
  • Concentrated formulation


  • Cleans and brightens in one easy step
  • No heavy scrubbing necessary
  • Very economical per use cost

Use for:

  • Aluminum and chrome wheels, chrome wheel covers, and wire wheels
  • Unsurpassed cleaning of brake dust
  • Aluminum brightening at truck wash facilities

How to use:

  • Test before using to ensure compatibility
  • WARNING: Contains a mixture of acids.  This product will cause irreparable eye and skin damage.
  • Read the product label thoroughly before using. Consult SDS for complete safety information before using.  Always wear protective gloves, apron, and goggles when using this product.
  • Dilute up to 1:4 with water
  • Apply this product to wheels that are cool to the touch
  • Test a small, inconspicuous area of the wheel to ensure compatibility
  • Doing one wheel at a time, spray product directly on wheel
  • Allow to dwell for no more than one minute.  Scrubbing may be necessary on stubborn areas.
  • Rinse wheel thoroughly with hard stream of water

Tech Tip: This product cleans by etching wheel’s metal surface. Frequent applications may damage the surface.

  • Download link to MSDS sheet above
  • Always read & understand MSDS sheets before using any chemical products
  • All MSDS Sheets available upon request to be faxed or emailed
  • Manufacturers liability limited to replacement of product or refund of purchase price
  • Non VOC products are only intended for customers in states the do not have such regulations.
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