DuraBalloon® Replacement Parts

#BD Replacement Part


10″ Band Clamp$4.25
Stem (push button)$12.00
Ground Plate$2.50
Light Pole Bracket$7.00
Long Pole$9.75
Short Pole$9.25
Upper Cup$1.95
Ground Spike$3.85


DBRPSTBK(Balloon Stem) – For use with all the DuraBalloon® Products

USRPLPBK(Long Pole) – For use with Ground Mount

USRPSPBK(Short Pole) – For use with Short Ground Mount

USRPFSBL(Ground Stake)  & BBRPSMBK(Ground Plate) – Use with both sizes of ground mount

UMRPBCSVS(10″ Band Clamp) & USRPLBBK(Light Pole Bracket) – Use with both sizes of light pole mount

USRPUCCL000 (Upper Cup Replacement) Crystal clear UV rated plastic cup used between the DuraBalloon® and the DuraBalloon® Stem to support the balloon. Superior strength! 3.5″ Diameter.

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10" Band Clamp, Ground Plate, Ground Stake, Light Pole Bracket, Long Pole, Push Button Stem, Short Pole, Twist On Stem, Upper Cup

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