Magna Shine Ceramakote Kit

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PRODUCT NAME: Magna Shine™ Ceramakote™
Protective Ceramic Coating (9H Nanoquartz)
PRODUCT CATEGORY: Paint Sealants and Coatings
AVAILABLE SIZES: 30 mL (1 oz.)
VOC Information: California / OTC VOC Compliant
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Hi-Tech Industries, Inc. introduces Magna Shine™ Ceramakote™! This revolutionary formula is a clear, nano-molecular crystalline coating that protects your vehicle from the elements and harmful UV rays. This advanced hydrophobic formula will repel water, street film, brake dust, dirt and other contaminants from your vehicles’ treated surfaces. This cutting-edge surface protection kit is pioneering the science behind next-generation protective automotive coatings. Ceramakotes’ Nanoquartz “9H” formula is designed to apply-easily, create a deep-gloss finish, and provide your automotive paint, wheels and other non-porous trim with the ultimate protective coating. Unlike standard waxes and paint sealants, Ceramakotes’™ longevity is measured in years, not months!
Inspect the paint for surface imperfections and swirls. These will need to be repaired prior to Ceramakote™ application.
1) Begin by thoroughly washing the vehicle using a cleansing detergent that is free of oils and synthetic waxes. Dry the entire vehicle you intend to treat with Magna Shine™ Ceramakote™. After washing, deep-clean the paint and remove all imbedded contaminants with a clay bar or similar product.
2) Completely and thoroughly clean the paint, glass, chrome and trim using Hi-Tech Magna Shine Clay Bars or the Magna Shine Paint Correction line of products.
3) Polish any swirls or scratches in the paint using your favorite wax-free surface prep compound and/or polish; along with Hi-Buff Wool and Foam pads. Do not use products with excessive fillers and greases, as these will be stripped and removed during the next step. IMPORTANT: Imperfections in the paint can be amplified if not correctly removed.
4) Using a spray bottle, mist the surface with at least a 70% Isopropyl alcohol and water mixture. Also, you can use an “Iron-Removing” wipe or spray to completely prep the surface. It is important to completely strip the paint of any residue AND previously applied waxes and sealants, natural oils and greases. Use a high pH soap that effectively removes oils, greases and fillers. The coating must bond to the paint to be effective!
5) Once the paint is clean, dried, decontaminated and polished we can start applying Ceramakote Nanoquartz coating.
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