Prespaced Vinyl Decals

Since this item is completely customizable, please reach our to our sales team at 800.755.2095 or at info@autotechniles.com. Upon receiving your request we will help you work up a design.

Billing will be handled during the proofing process & not via the online portal.

Cut Prespaced Vinyl Dealer Trunk Decals

<13 Sq Inches$1.40$.80$.55$.52$.49
Screen Printed Colors$.45$.25$.18$.12$.10


  • Picks: Vinyl Pieces must be picked out manually from enclosed areas of decals. The first 18 “picks” are included in the base price; each “pick” in excess of 18 is $.02 per “pick” per decal.
  • Art Preparation: No art Charges for most designs. If extensive designing or alterations to prepare for production are necessary, you will be quoted an art charge before work begins.
  • Color Changes: No charge for vinyl color change. Changes must be in multiples of 125.
  • Printed Colors: Screen printing is available for additional screen print charge
  • Copy Changes: Not available
  • Die Charge: None
  • Over/Under Run: Orders Subject to within 10% over or under run and will be billed accordingly