Raised Letter Trailer Hitch Covers

Since this item is completely customizable, please reach our to our sales team at 800.755.2095 or at info@autotechniles.com. Upon receiving your request we will help you work up a design.

Billing will be handled during the proofing process & not via the online portal.

Raised Letter Trailer Hitch Covers

Raised Letter Hitch Cover$3.49$3.19$2.99
1 Time Mold$100$75$50
  • Colors: Black colored hitch with your choice of standard color imprint
  • Additional Colors / Premium Foils: Priced as $.25 per
  • Shapes: We do any custom shape up to 6″ X 6″
  • Logos and Artwork: Manufactures logos and other artwork at no charge
  • Production Time: New orders delivered in appx. 3-4 weeks Reorders delivered in 2-3 weeks
  • Over/Under Run: Orders Subject to within 5% over or under run and will be billed accordingly
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