Motorcycle Raised Letter Plate Frames

Since this item is completely customizable, please reach our to our sales team at 800.755.2095 or at info@autotechniles.com. Upon receiving your request we will help you work up a design.

Billing will be handled during the proofing process & not via the online portal.

Raised Letter Motorcycle License Plate Frames

Price per Frame$.90$.80$.75$.70$.65
1 Time Mold Fee$100$75$75$50$0
  • Colors: Base price is for one color on Black Frame, each additional color or for White Plastic +$.25 per frame.
  • Side Stamping: Side stamping is priced as a extra color charge $.15 per frame.
  • Logos and Artwork: Manufactures logos (for authorized dealers), hang letters, and other artwork at NO CHARGE
  • Production Time: New orders delivered in appx. 3-4 weeks Reorders delivered in 2-3 weeks
  • Fit & Coverage: Dealer is ultimately responsible for fit and coverage of plate frame issues within their respective state. Auto Tech will provide a faxed or emailed proof prior to production. This proof will not be to scale and all measurements may not match the final product, any problems should be made known at that time.
  • Cancellations & Corrections: Any order canceled or changed during production will incur the full cost of molding & any cost incurred in the production process up to the date of cancellation.
  • Final QTY of Goods Delivered: Every effort is made to deliver exact qty, but due to quality control & standard production procedure approximately a 10% +/- is expected. Final invoice will reflect actual qty delivered at the per unit price